How to Improve Your Finances this Year

David Beskar
2 min readJan 13, 2022

Many people make a goal to improve their finances every year. Unfortunately, this process is easier said than done. It can be difficult to know what someone should do exactly to improve their finances. No matter what time of year someone starts, these tips can help anyone to improve their finances in the year ahead.

Annual Budget for Yearly Financial Goals

Instead of creating a typical monthly budget, people can set realistic financial goals by writing an annual budget. People can get started by brainstorming the major projects they want to do in the year ahead, such as a major repair or a greater contribution to retirement savings. Researching the actual costs and considering the larger budgetary implications can help people see what they can afford in the year ahead and make adjustments. It also helps curb spending to prepare for those goals.

Preparation for Financial Changes

To get a jumpstart on their finances, people should consider the changes out of their control. Homeowners with variable interest rates or those who plan to refinance their homes need to note any interest rate increases by The Federal Reserve. These can indirectly increase home interest rates and drive up the costs of mortgages and insurance. If inflation rises, families should allocate more money for goods and services. In preparation for taxes, people should consider increases to their itemized deductions due to remote work or their other tax liability changes.

Basic Financial Preparation

People who spend little effort on their finances may need to start with basic financial products first. A will is vital for financial security for dependents. If an unexpected tragedy occurs, a will ensures that children or spouses can receive the support they need without lingering financial questions. It is also a good idea to start an emergency fund that can sustain a household in the case of an unexpected event, such as job loss. Contributing to a retirement account is also a basic way to improve finances in the years ahead. Setting up an IRA account or 401k is an excellent start.

It is never too late for someone to get their finances in order. The start of a new year is a great time to plan and strategize for the year ahead, but people can apply these principles at any point of the year.



David Beskar

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